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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us Createch USA: A Leader in Specialized Fogging Equipment

For over 30 years, Createch USA has served as a leading manufacturer of fogging equipment in not just Tallahassee, Florida, but throughout the entire world.

The 672 “Tri-Jet” Fogger—Createch’s premiere fogging model—is built for long-term use with aluminum products, meaning it will not deteriorate with time. The fogger also works with both oil and water-based chemicals. With a five-year warranty and the capability to work with a variety of chemical products, our equipment gives you the freedom to not only treat a wide range of issues, but to do so with a unit that will last.

Specialized Fogging Equipment

Why Choose Us Fast Shipping & Top Quality Products at a Lower Cost

Both standard and customized orders are typically shipped the same day so you can rid your commercial or residential property of mold, odor, pest, humidity, or sanitization-related issues within 48 hours. Contact us on current lead time for distributor quality orders.

Moreover, Createch’s units are almost always less expensive for consumers than other products of similar quality manufactured by our competition – a tradition we’ve confidently stood by for over three decades. Everyone should be able to rid their properties of issues foggers can control, and they should be able to do it without breaking the bank. Given our relationship with clients, demand for our product, and fewer in-house overhead costs, we proudly offer our units at an affordable rate every person can enjoy.

It’s our promise to you: Fast shipping. Affordable prices. Invaluable customer service. Exceptional quality. Createch USA.

Specialized Fogging Equipment

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