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Frequently Asked Questions


What chemical can I use in the fogger?

Createch’s “Tri-Jet” Fogger is built to work with both oil and water-based products. Before using, make sure the chemical is rated for a non-thermal ULV fogger. If you aren’t sure whether a chemical is rated for a non-thermal ULV fogger, you can always check with the chemical manufacturer.

Is the filter necessary to use?

Yes. A filter is the first line of defense from stopping dirt, debris, and chemicals from over-fogging. Intake filter should be cleaned after each use with warm water and a few drops of dish soap.

My fogger was working but now it is barely putting out any fog. Is something broken?

Most of the time, the issue stems from a clogged tube, which can occur when the unit is not regularly cleaned after use.

Always rinse the tank out with warm water and a little dish soap to rid the machine of any leftover chemicals that may remain inside the tubes. Also, be careful not to dent the front of the unit, as doing so can cause a gap that will decrease – and sometimes prevent – the chemicals from being siphoned through the unit and sprayed.

I see the fogger advertised as a mold fogger on one site and as a bug sprayer on another. Is there a difference between the two?

No. The “Tri-Jet” Fogger from Createch can be used for pest, mold, odor, sanitation, and humidity. Distributors sometimes advertise the product a certain way for certain marketing reasons, but rest assured: our unit can be used for many different applications!

I want to send my fogger in for warranty repairs. Will you pay for shipping to receive the unit?

Unfortunately, our company does not pay for the initial shipping cost since we cannot determine if it is a warranty issue or user error.

If it is a warranty issue, Createch will make all repairs and ship the unit back to the customer at no additional charge. If it is not a warranty issue, we will contact the customer with a total for the repair cost and shipping, and the customer can decide whether they want to repair the machine or not.

How many square feet can the fogger cover, and how much chemical should I use?

The “Tri-Jet” Fogger will cover roughly 2,000 square feet in 10 minutes but always refer to the chemical manufacturer’s recommendation for the product you are using.

What is the droplet (micron) size of the fogger?

10-to-30 micron. Micron size varies depending on the consistency of product being used and flow rate selected. The thicker the product and slower the flow rate, the smaller the micron size.

What PPE should I wear when fogging?

Createch recommends users wear eye goggles, respirators, and gloves for all fogging applications. Please refer to the chemical manufacturer for recommendations related to their specific product, as well.

Can the fogger be used outside?

Yes! The Createch “Tri-Jet” Fogger is great for use indoors and out. However, we strongly recommend against using the fogger outside in rainy weather because it is an electric fogger, which can cause serious damage to both the unit and the person.

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