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These guys are fabulous. The customer service is unmatched. The day after a hurricane they are at work letting customers know shipping will be delayed by one day. They are hero’s! Just think after going through Irma, a horrible, scary event they came to work to get out packages. Bravo Createch! Wonderful company with truly great people!


rocket speed shipping… Lol better than amazon. I received the product in less then 24 hours of ordering the item. It still shows 8 days remaining for delivery and I got the next day. Very happy with the service and the quality of the product.


The Commander Tri-Jet Fogger is an excellent product and the customer service is top-notch! I highly recommend!!

Jeff A.

This fogger has been passed down in my family to a second generation, and will go on to the next in great shape. Having received excellent service from Matt at Createch, I am pleased to recommend both the fogger and the company behind it.

I inherited a Commander “Tri-Jet” Fogger from my father-in-law in the late1960’s and it sat unused in storage for 50 years. My memories of that fogger are vivid — great clouds of white fog filling his Florida Gulf coast vacation house as my father-in-law used Gulfspray to get rid of no-seeums, tiny stinging bugs that came in clouds and could easily get through window screens in those pre-airconditioning days. My young daughters would wait outside until the clouds cleared and we could retreat back into the house. Air-conditioning eliminated the need for such measures and the fogger came to me.

Last month I discovered mice and squirrels had invaded my AC duct system in the crawl space underneath the house. I replaced the damaged ducts and racked my brain for a way to keep the critters out. I didn’t want to use poison because we have dogs. A mixture of peppermint oil, garlic and hot pepper seemed the perfect solution. I finally remembered the old fogger in storage since my Army days. After 50 years in Florida heat, the hoses had hardened and I wasn’t confident that the motor would even start. We found Createch and I contacted them to see if they could recondition it. Matt responded immediately, said they could, and he did. The entire transaction, emails, shipping, etc. took only a remarkably few days before the fogger arrived and I started fogging. Problem solved.

I appreciate the fast service Matt gave to recondition an old fogger he had not sold. I highly recommend his company for service and sales of an excellent fogger that literally lasts for generations.

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